Room 408


Welcome to Room 608, Mr. Rhodewalt's math classroom at Rancho Mirage High School. As you already know, this school year will be unlike any other. We did not choose it, but it's what we have. As your math teacher, I am planning to use this unique situation as a challenge to do something new: new for you, for your parents, and for me.

My first challenge: Instead of using the summer to prepare for the next year -- reflecting, researching, and planning -- I will have four days to get ready. That's OK. I will dig in and do the best I can.

Students! Your first challenge: Understand that I have not had the usual time to prepare. Some things will appear incomplete. That's OK! We will get through this.

Do this now! Find the tab above for your class, and click it. Read and follow the directions.

Parents! Your first challenge: Help your children with their challenge, and commit to being involved in your childrens' education more than you have ever been. Without in-person activities, your child's engagement and motivation will probably not be up to their usual levels. That's OK! You can help, and your child and I will be grateful for any contributions you can make.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email me any time at I will get back to you quickly.

Bruce Rhodewalt
RMHS Math Teacher
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