Room 608

Integrated Math 3

Welcome to Integrated Math 3. Each week, we will learn and practice one or two new ideas, and then there will be a quiz on that week's material on Friday. Overall, these quizzes are worth 90% of your grade.

In addition to the quizzes, you will also have assignments in Google Classroom, Desmos, and on paper. These are worth a total of 10% of your grade.

As soon as you can, join our Google Classroom and our Remind. (Please join Remind even if you do not carry a phone. It is set up to work with email too.)

  • Google Classroom join codes
    • Period alpha: uncpqwi
    • Period beta: isslfnu
    • Period gamma: s2jpwh4
    • Period delta: njtvgrj
  • Remind code*
    • all periods: rmhs608im3

* To join your Remind class, use these instructions.

Use this calendar to plan and to check on assignments. You should also check Synergy each day.