Room 608

Integrated Math 2

Welcome to Integrated Math 2. Each week, we will learn a new idea, and then there will be a quiz on it on Friday. Overall, these quizzes are worth 90% of your grade. We will also use Mathia. Bookmark this important document. This is the schedule of Mathia workspaces and quizzes.

Daily synchronous meetings

We will meet via Zoom each morning. Find the link for your period below.

IMPORTANT: I use Google authentication for each meeting to be sure only PSUSD students are admitted to my waiting room. Before joining this Zoom meeting, go to, and log in with Google. Then, come back to this tab (without closing the Zoom tab), and click the link on this page.

Having trouble getting connected? Here is a video to help.

Zoom links

After logging in to Zoom using Google, click the link below for your meeting.

As soon as you can, join our Google Classroom and our Remind. (Please join Remind even if you do not carry a phone. It is set up to work with email too.)

  • Google Classroom join codes*
    • Period 1: acux5t3
    • Period 3: yllgdvk
  • Remind code**
    • Period 3: rmhs608im2

* To join your Google Classroom class, go to, and click on the plus sign in the top right. Then, enter the join code for your period.

** To join your Remind class, use these instructions.


Use this calendar to plan and to check on assignments. You should also check Synergy each day.